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Little experiment. Please like / reblog if you would call the American jaeger “Lady Danger” as opposed to its canonical name which contains a racial slur. I’ve seen Lady Danger floating around a few places but I’m not sure how much traction it’s gotten. So, spread the word!

You are definitely missing something, friend. G***y refers to the Roma / Romani people and comes from the misunderstanding that they were from Egypt. The Romani have been systemically and violently discriminated against for a long while. Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame is Romani, but was called the g-slur.

Actual Romani people have spoken out against the continued use of this word, which has been appropriated to mean some of what you’re talking about. I’m on my phone and can’t link but I encourage you to do your own research.

This is a bad bad word to use and to use it casually means remaining ignorant of its continued racist usage to this very day. Because of this, some Pacific Rim fans elected to start calling the American jaeger Lady Danger to avoid racism.

Respect for a living marginalized people far outweighs canon compliance.

I did do my own research, and I must not have seen the same sources you did because I saw nothing speaking out against he actual word

. I saw that definition, and have literally NEVER heard it used that way- including when my grandmother told me stories about living with g*psies in Germany. The other definition, the one I have used and heard used my whole life, is that which I previously stated. There are a few other definitions I have heard used prolifically, none of which have anything whatsoever to do with race. 

Even that aside, wouldn’t it make more sense to do the opposite, and work TOWARDS the word being taken as ‘a nomadic, free-spirited person’? As opposed to crucifying a word which, to my knowledge, is rarely used as a slur? Besides which, it seems to me Pacific Rim couldn’t possibly have titled the American jaeger in a purposefully racist fashion- given the circumstance, the other definition makes more sense. (I’ll grant I’ve never seen Pacific Rim, so there’s room for mitigation here)

Dude. You don’t get to reclaim slurs that weren’t used against you. So no, I’m not going to pretend this word means ~*~free spirit nomad mystic person*~* when real Romani people are still being killed and harassed today for their heritage.

Also intent doesn’t matter when it comes to racism. Del Toro didn’t know the word was a pejorative when he named the jaeger. Do you know what he did when fans told him it was a problem? He apologized. Because that’s what you do when you marginalize and erase people’s identity, even unknowingly.

*stares at pointedly*

I’m not moving from this stance. If you don’t agree with me, I don’t care, but I’m not arguing the point anymore.

There is such a thing as changing the definition of the word, and I genuinely don’t understand why it’s so unacceptable to do so in situations such as these, but whatever. I’ll drop that because I doubt I’ll change your mind. 

But can you at least show me where exactly it says that Romanies have been protesting against the use of this word? Because I read several articles, all of which included them referring to themselves as it, and being referred to as it by third parties, and nowhere did I see anything even remotely indicating a resentment for the term. What I read about was a heartfelt desire to stop the discrimination exacted upon people called by the term, not a desire to stop being called by it. 

yes, there is such a thing as changing the definition of the slur, but 1) its not up to YOU to do that, its up to the people who are actively discriminated by the slur and its repercussions (in this case, the Romani) and 2) even after a slur has been heavily reclaimed ITS STILL A SLUR and YOU STILL CANT USE IT. no matter how long its been, its history will never be erased and never be forgotten.

and i dont know WHERE youve been getting your sources, buddy, bc none of the sources your supposedly referring to sound legit. care to share a few links? I’d really love to see what type of source doesnt “even remotely [indicate] a resentment for the term”

i for one will include several links, mostly bc im not Romani therefore elaborating too much on this subject might be overstepping my boundries, but also bc it seems like you cant even be bothered to do proper research: (cw for #assault, #sexual assault, #rape, #racial slurs (uncensored), graphic photos of #violence, #assault and severe #burns, and #nazis)

heres a choice quote from this article (cw for #slavery, the #holocaust and nazis, uncensored #slurs)

I have been told by some who refuse to let go of their perception of g*psies that western culture has formed a ‘new meaning’ to the word and that the Romani people need to recognize that. What these people do not realize is that it is just as offensive, if not more so, when it is used in this manner, because their usage of it like this (to signify a lifestyle) essentially discounts all the suffering attached to the word. That is what I mean when I say that these folks do not have the right to say whether or not that word is offensive - they claim they have only ‘positive feelings’ about the word and towards my people, yet they needn’t be calling me a ‘filthy g*psy’ in order for the word to be offensive. It’s offensive because they use it to refer to a lifestyle, instead of a race of people.

in fact this entire blog is great to browse and learn about the Romani and their oppression (its run by an actual Romani person which makes all the opinions valid)

theres pleeeeenty of other sources you can find, if you look in the right places (articles written by people who are ACTUALLY affected by those slurs as opposed to spectators who dont know what theyre talking about yet still feel like they need to chip in the conversation). basically, listen to what the Romani have to say about this bc this is about THEM, not YOU. also keep in mind: if a few ppl dont find a slur that affects them offensive, it DOESNT trump the opinions and the feelings of the people who do find it offensive.

if a slur isnt used against you, you have NO say on what it means and how it can be reclaimed. end of story.

Ok, thank you, this is literally all I was looking for. I’m sorry if I sounded like an uneducated brat, because I probably did, and I suppose I was, but please keep in mind that I’m actively trying to learn here. I DID do research, but apparently not in the right places. I may be out of line in asking this, but you might want to calm down a little. Just because I want facts and sources doesn’t make me a vicious racist, so please relax. 

i appreciate your willingness to learn, but no, i will not relax. i am not affected by antiziganism, but i am affected by racism. my whole family is affected by racism. i have every right to be angry. tone policing is what youre doing right now, and its a tool of oppression. dont do it.

but like i said, thanks for listening.

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I’ve posted about Godzilla before, but I have some thoughts about the upcoming “movie”-thing. Why does a Japanese creature feel the need to destroy New York City, U.S.? Why does every fucking film about the “destruction” of the U.S. have to involve the Statue of Liberty (nobody but tourists give a shit about it)? There’s other staples of America. (I’m looking at you Akron, OH.) To my last point, thank god there will be a white saviour, without a white saviour my small Eurocentric mind would explode.

New York City is dryer than I remember.

And if Ishiro Honda and Takeshi Kimura, the screenwriters of Destroy All Monsters (1968), were still alive, perhaps they could answer why a Japanese creature like Godzilla would attack New York. (Aliens. The answer is aliens.)

Also, given that every act of derring-do on Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s part that we’ve seen in the trailers so far has been contrasted with how helpless he is in the face of impossibly large beings that survive nuclear blasts, I’d be hard-pressed to call him any kind of savior. If any human in this movie plays that role, I’d put my money on Dr. Ichiro Serizawa, based on the significance of his last name throughout the Godzilla series and the lack of information we’ve been provided about his character.

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