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with all the drama going on concerning the upcoming Godzilla film, I feel that everyone should be thankful that we didn’t get Hipster Serizawa or some kind of Hipster equivalent to a Godzilla character. 

#We already got hipster Q from Skyfall

are you saying you had a problem with ben whishaw’s perfect face





Alex Wilder returns in Avengers Undercover #7.

This smells like Hopeless is trying to get  Runaway readers back.

I will grant AU this: however you feel about what’s actually depicted in them, the covers have been pretty incredible. 

Hey, Nico’s staff reverted to its volume 1 shape.  Again.  This has to be like the third time it’s happened for Hopeless’ covers so far.


This fool should be fined for using "Japanese-ness" - Godzilla 2014 and Representation of Characters/Actors of Color



I’m reading this Godzilla 2014 meta and I’m trying my damnest to keep my eyes from rolling into the back of my head.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Godzilla 2014 appears to be painfully and overwhelmingly white as hell, and that’s probably not the least of its problems.

Steven Sloss of kaijusaurus (and others) is literally arguing that Ken Watanabe’s presence in the film, and the artwork of the poster featuring Kanji serving as a backdrop to the capslocked “GODZILLA”, is somehow quality representation of a franchise and character that began in Japan and starred a predominantly Japanese cast. Or at the very least, proper “ammunition” as it were to shout down anyone who looks at this film’s present media and critique’s it for the general whiteness it shares with the 1998 film by Roland Emmerich and its subsequent animated series (who only had one major Character of Color, an Afro-Latino character named Randy Hernandez, and three white major female characters).

this entire argument is invalid.
1. the original Godzilla film was made in Japan no American actors were cast.
2. the American version of the original Godzilla film only inserted “Steve Martin” as some post script narrator to highlight the tragedy of nuclear war and anchor the American audience to the film.
3. the American version of Godzilla 1984 / 1985 does the exact same thing with the character of Steve Martin. the Japanese version of the film does not have that American actor anywhere near it.
4. everyone calm your tits

Wait, what? Pretty sure we were talking about Godzilla 2014. :P

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